East Kyoto Exploration & Tea Ceremony

English guided walking tour + Tea ceremony

This tour will fill your morning schedule with a great experience. At the foot of the Higashiyama mountain range, east Kyoto is full of lush greenery and it is a great place to have a relaxing walk hearing the sound of water flowing. The area you will walk in has a lot of historical temples and beautiful gardens to attract visitors. You will see how Kyoto has changed from the ancient capital to the modern city.

  • Meet at Subway Keage Station in Tozai Line
  • Stop at Inclined Railway to find a turning point of Kyoto history
  • Visit Nanzen-ji Temple to learn what Zen is
  • Appreciate Murin-an Garden
  • Experience a tea ceremony at a traditional Kyoto town house


The tour starts by seeing the inclined railway which greatly contributed to the modernization of Kyoto and you will learn about it.You will visit one of the best-known Zen temples, Nanzen-ji Temple, to get an idea of what Zen is and after the visit, you will appreciate a scenic and well-cared for garden, Murin-an Garden.


And then you will experience a tea ceremony at an aesthetic traditional Kyoto Machiya house in a quiet atmosphere. The experience begins with learning the basic concepts and ideas of the tea ceremony and how to appreciate the tea room decorations.And you will watch a demonstration of "the way of tea" and finally make your own tea and enjoy drinking it with Japanese confectionary.

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  Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


  Price: 6,000 JPY  / person

  * 3,000 yen tour fee, including 600 yen garden entrance fee and 3,000yen tea ceremony


 * Please check tour availability here on the tour calendar and

    book a tour.

 * For the further details, please contact Charlie's Kyoto Tours